What is Addiction?


Addiction can be used both clinically and metaphorically, but the primary focus is on addiction as defined by compulsive behavior where the “drug” of choice, whether it to be alcohol, food, sex, cocaine, or cigarettes, has become the controlling factor in a person’s life.

Addiction is characterized by a driving need to engage in the activity or take the substance regardless of the consequences. It may involve cravings and withdrawal when the drug or activity is not accessible. Addiction is a progressive disease, meaning if you do not address and treat it, it will dominate more and more of a person’s life and lead to more and more negative consequences.

That’s Right. Addiction is a Disease.

Watch this animated infographic to learn more. It explains that addiction is a disease that involves changes in the structure and function of the brain, which can result in compulsive substance use. This is a complex condition and like other diseases, it can be prevented, treated and managed by medical and other health professionals.
Published on Nov 14, 2013 Courtesy of CASAColumbia.

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