Addiction Symptoms


Symptoms According to the U.S. Library of Medicine:

  1. Sudden weight loss or gain
  2. Changing sleep patterns- sometimes sleeping to much and other times not at all
  3. Abnormal periods of extreme energy or chattiness
  4. Chronic upper respiratory issues (e.g., nosebleeds or sinusitis) which are signs of drugs being snorted
  5. Utilizing incense, dryer sheets or perfume to hide smoke or smells related to drugs
  6. Increased need for money
  7. Evidence of drug paraphernalia such as pipes, rolling papers, etc.
  8. Always carrying eye drops which can be used to mask bloodshot eyes
  9. Worsening dental problems which can be a sign of methamphetamine use
  10. Prescription drugs missing from family or friends

Other Common Signs:

  1. You need to use more substance/engage in the behavior than before to get the same amount of pleasure.
  2. You use the substance in the behavior and unable to stop.
  3. You get withdrawal symptoms.
  4. You continue with your addiction even though you know it physically harms you.
  5. You have personal relationship problems.
  6. You avoid social events and functions.
  7. You take risks.
  8. You get obsessed.
  9. You are in denial.
  10. You hide your abuse.