18 Telltale Signs of Addiction

The 18 telltale signs are indications of either potential for substance abuse or current addiction that our founder, Chuck Johnson, compiled. They are presented in the “How Did This Happen to Me?” program. They are an excellent tool for anyone to use when taking stock of their own behavior or whether you are trying to determine if a friend or family member may be heading down a dangerous path toward addiction.

  1. You like to drink or drug alone
  2. You use more than at first
  3. Drug has less effect using the same amount & need more for the same effect
  4. Feel anxious or uncomfortable without drugs or alcohol
  5. Take more than your friends when you party
  6. Feel guilty because you over-do it
  7. Friends have made comments about your usage
  8. You have experienced memory blackouts
  9. You continue to use after your friends have stopped
  10. Made plans to reduce, control, or restrict usage
  11. Take more than intended or longer than you intended
  12. Suffer from withdrawal symptoms and use to get relief
  13. Other family members are addicts
  14. You say you can stop but keep using
  15. You’ve missed school or work because of using
  16. Using has interfered with or disrupted relationships
  17. Spend time thinking about obtaining and using as well as recovering from its effects
  18. You are 100% sure you are not an addict